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原樂天(Sunny Yuen)於2009年成立樂陶源音樂中心,每年透過中心學習陶笛的學生約有二千人次,為本港最大型陶笛音樂教育中心。原氏取得中國民政部認可,由中國民族管弦樂學會頒發的專業陶笛指導教師證書,為全港僅有四人之一,並於2012年成立香港陶笛交流協會。

Sunny Yuen is the founder and the CEO of the Music O’Region Center. Since the center was first set up, it has been nurturing thousands of ocarina students every year and now has become the largest ocarina education center in Hong Kong. In addition, Sunny is one of the ocarina tutors among three other in Hong Kong who received certification from the China Nationalities Orchestra Society and qualified as a professional ocarina tutor. Sunny also found the Hong Kong Ocarina Exchange Association in 2012.